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Texas Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting Texas

Texas Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting Texas

Texas Duck Hunting Duck Hunting Texas
Dove Hunting Deluze Package in Cordoba, Argentina

with Circle H Outfitters

More Dove Hunting Information

Argentina dove hunting takes place in the central region. This hunting travel must be experienced rather than explained.

Where we hunt:

All our dove shooting fields, located 80 kms. East of the capital of Cordoba (Argentina), provide one of the best dove hunting areas in the world. The dry climate and abundance of foods produces tremendous bird populations.  wing hunters cordoba hunting accommodations The flight of the doves back and forth between the fields is virtually non-stop and provides challenging sport. The terrain consist of plains mixed with patches of woods, providing ideal roosting areas next to food-rich fields of wheat, sorghum, corn, peanuts and other crops. Over 1,000 shells per day is the norm.

Lodging facilities:

Guests enjoy very much our beautiful and picturesque hunting lodge.  dove hunter south america caceria argentina The main house where hunters stay was built in 1850, and it is a place that deserves to be known. Each of the 7 double bedrooms has its own private bathroom, and guests can enjoy the quiet fire that burns every evening in the dining roomīs fireplace.
Outside, the beautiful gardens invite guests to take a walk amisdt the beautiful flower plants and the singing of birds.

Typiycal dove shooting day in Argentina:

Following an early American breakfast, hunters are transported to the dove shooting fields, located approximately 20 minutes from the lodge. Each hunter is  argentine hunters cordoba outfitters south america assigned a birdboy who carries the shells, picks up the birds and caters him in every need.

    A full lunch, with an Argentinian barbecue and the finest wines, is served in the field. After a short rest, it's time to go shooting again for the rest of the afternoon.

At the end of the day, our guests are welcomed back to the lodge with drinks, followed by dinner.

Other Activities

Cordoba is a province with a lot of history. Guests can visit the city and take a  argentine concessions cordoba hunters dove  special tour to know the National University, the oldest university in South America. The missions founded by Jesuits in the late 1600s are also very interesting to visit. The old Jesuit "estancias" have been recently included in the list of World Heritage by UNESCO.

Cordobaīs hills and the small towns located near the mountains are other attractions for tourists. The town of Villa General Belgrano, in particular, is a very beautiful destination if you are visiting Cordoba. This town has an exquisite European flavour since it was presicely them, Europeans from Germany, Switzerland and Italy who first settled in the area and originated this European village in the heart of Argentina.
Our guests may also enjoy other activities such as horseback riding or shopping in town.

Season for Argentina dove hunting:

We canīt really talk of a season for doing dove hunting in Argentina, since these birds are available all year round.
Hunters are welcomed any time during the year.


January, February and March: Some rains. Temperatures from 70F to 90F.
April and May, Dry. Temperatures from 60F to 80F
June, July and August. Dry. Temperatures from 30F to 65F
September and October: Some rains. Temperatures from 65F to 85F
November and December: Some rains. Temperatures from 70F to 90F.

Necessary Equipment:

Two Shotguns (it is always advisable to bring a spare gun since more than 1.000 shots a day are costumary).

     argentine shooters cordoba dove concessions
  • Shooting pad
  • Soft cases for the guns
  • Ear/eye protection.
  • Shooting gloves
  • Shell pouch
  • Gun scrubber
  • Walking shoes
  • Video camera.
  • Sunscreen
  • Hunting clothes

October, November, December
February thru March 11th

  • 3 full days dove-hunting;
  • 3 nights accommodation;
  • License (included).

Only US$ 850
For more information, e-mail us at

Day 1: Arrival to Cordoba, guns permission filling form assisted by the company, transportation to the accommodation, and dove shooting this very same afternoon

Days 2 and 3: Full dove hunting in the morning and in the afternoon, lunch at the fields, with a typical Argentine "asado" (kind of Argentinean barbecue)

Day 4: Hunting in the morning and return to Cordoba city, visiting the shopping center. Farewell at the airport


  • Reception at the airport;
  • Meeting and customs assistance in Cordoba;
  • Transport airport - Estancia - airport;
  • 2 full days and 2 half days hunting (6 shots in total);
  • 3 nights accommodation in an Estancia (all meals included);
  • License;
  • Bird boy;
  • 4x4 (all terrain) transportation;
  • Beverages: wine, sodas, beer and water;
  • Beverages during the hunting;
  • Open bar.

All for US$ 850 each

Non hunter US$ 150 per day.

Not included:

  • Airfare;
  • Phone calls;
  • Tips;
  • Gun permits: US$ 70 per gun;
  • Additional Shells: US$ 9 per box;
  • Renting guns: US$ 40 per day;
  • Laundry service: US$ 10.


To start the day, hunters enjoy an American breakfast consisting of juice, coffee, tea or milk; eggs, bacon and toast with butter and delicious marmalades.

Our field lunch is the famous Argentinean barbecue, with steak, sausages, and salads. Excellent wines, beer, soft drinks accompany the typical meal.

Gourmet dinners are served at the lodge, followed by delicious, homemade desserts. Exceptional regional wines accompany all meals.

Beer and soda are available throughout the day

Call us at 281-535-1930

-or- Email us at

 extreme outfitter birds shooting argentine

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